Lee Yin Knitting Factory Pte Ltd
Standing by its guarantee of quality

Manufacturing a wide range of apparel from sweaters, knit/woven products, to knitted accessories, Lee Yin has gained strong renown as a leading clothing manufacturer and exporter in the region today. Providing global apparel companies like H&M, Gap Inc., Macy’s, Carters, s.Oliver, Itokin, Muji Japan and others with reliable backend apparel manufacturing support, the company now counts a regional network of five factories and two sales offices across the Asian region, in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Lee Yin’s forte is sweater production. Annually, its more than 600 fully computerized flat knitting machines produce more than eight million sweaters/accessories in a wide range of yarns, gages and construction. The company also provides design and sampling services to cater to customers specific requirements.

Lee Yin also produces more than 8 million knit/woven products a year. With integrated sweater/knit/woven production plants, Lee Yin is truly a multi-product partner that has unique capability in offering mixed fabric apparel or woven/knit/sweater sets (especially suitable for infants/kids).

As a trusted apparel manufacturing brand since 1975, Lee Yin has taken great strides to nurture win-win partnerships with its customers. Its integrated suite of value-added solutions has enabled Lee Yin to deliver high quality, cost-effective apparel solutions every time.

Export Locations
Asia, Brazil, Canada, EC, Japan, USA
H&M, Gap Inc., Macy’s, s.Oliver, Carters, Itokin, Muji Japan
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